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DIY iPhone Video Production

Jump on board YOUR journey and fall in love with our easy-going approach to teaching – you’ll be filming the scenery before you know it!

Our DIY Video Production course is designed to takes you through the various destinations you need to experience to enable you to plan, film and edit your very own blockbuster. This is comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know about the world of iPhone cinematography – delivered through Choo’s laid-back approach, making it simple for your to re-visit any of the 13 destinations, at any time.

The course is taught by two Chooters, Reis & Alex, who prove your need no previous video production experience to enjoy this journey – though being familiar with an iPhone or iPad will help. This journey is a simple, relaxing one & at your final destination you’ll be able to create brilliant video content.

What are you waiting for? Jump on board the learning train today!

Detailed course structure & snapshots below.

Pictures From The Course

Why Choose Choo?

Our simple teaching style ensures your learning journey will be an easy & comfortable one. Whether you’re creating video content for your business, want to be the next viral video superstar or simply want to learn how to capture those precious family moments – learn with Choo & you’ll reach your final destination quickly & comfortably.

Section 1IntroductionFree Preview
Destination 1: Introduction

Welcome onboard, your DIY iPhone Video Production Course starts here! Destination 1 will show you what to expect throughout your journey.

Watch Destination 1
Section 2App Preparation
Section 3Planning and Inspirations
Section 4Additional Equipment
Section 5Lighting
Section 6Filming
Section 7Editing OverviewFree Preview
Destination 7: Editing Overview

Congratulations on filming your first ever blockbuster! At this stop Alex will show you an overview of iMovie.

You’ll need to access iMovie now so if you haven’t already, please download it from the App Store. If you already have iMovie, just have a quick-stop at the updates button to check you have the latest version.

Watch Destination 7
Destination 7 Recap

iMovie Controls

We recommend holding your iPhone in landscape mode (horizontally) for editing.

When you first open iMovie, you’ll be greeted with a pretty blank screen – don’t worry, this is all to change soon! Select the projects tab then create a new project, make sure you select Movie, rather than trailer. You can then select your theme which includes choices of additional transitions, music and text. You can always changes this later on in the edit should you wish. For this demo, we’ll be using ‘Modern’ theme.

Once you’ve chosen your theme you’ll be presented with your editing workspace. The small question mark icon in the top right is the help tool – handy to provide a quick definition of each icon in your workshop. If you’re after a more detailed explanation, simply tap the yellow box that appears next to each icon.

Now you have a basic understanding of the editing tools – it’s time to head to Destination 8: Importing, cutting and transitions.

Section 8Importing, Cutting and Transitions
Section 9Audio and Titles
Section 10Effects and Exporting
Section 11Uploading to YouTube
Section 12Sharing via Social Media
Section 13Course Recap
Final Quiz