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By Jacob Hilton
15 Oct 2015

3 reasons the new iPhone 6s is ideal for DIY video production!

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With the smartphone dominating the tech market at an incredible rate, it’s no surprise that in just two years we have seen the biggest influx of new technology swamping our mobile devices, ever! In this highly competitive smartphone market, Apple remains the leader of the pack, constantly providing an array of new and advanced features that never seem to disappoint and given the success of Loud Monkey’s DIY Video Workshops this year, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new iPhone 6s & its 4K camera!

Loud Monkey’s DIY Video tutor, Alex, is the first of the Monkeys’ to own the new iPhone and he cannot wait to deliver our 1st DIY Video Workshop next month, using the iPhone 6 and all the incredible new features that come with that!

The inner video producer inside of all of you, will love it too. Here are three reasons why the new iPhone 6s will transform your DIY video productions into award-winning masterpieces!

1 – The camera quality is superb

Apple has really upped its game here. The previous model, the iPhone 6, had an impressive 8 megapixel HD camera, but the new iPhone 6s features a whopping 12 megapixel rear camera. If you ever needed to show your productions on a much bigger screen, the image would keep both its clarity and colour definition. The new model also has an upgraded front-facing camera so any low-light shots you want to take will look noticeably better now due to the retina flash and 5 megapixel camera.

2 – There’s plenty more space

You now have the option to rank up your phone storage to either 64GB or a staggering 128GB. One of the biggest issues faced when shooting video on your iPhone is actually having enough space to film all the shots you want. You may have to dig a bit deeper into your pockets for the 128GB model but it’s well worth it you intend to capture lots of video. Whilst the ability to record in 4K is awesome, you don’t have to – you can take it down a notch and record at 1080 or 720 megapixels to save on space, without compromising too much on quality.

3. It’s super speedy

With its new A9 chip, the CPU is now 70% faster, so your shoot is super smooth, quick and efficient! There are also many more options now available in the editing process than ever before, so when you’re editing your video in iMovie you’ll be able to take advantage of features such as picture-in-picture and split screen to really enhance the look and feel of your project.

Once again, Apple have set the bar super high with the new iPhone 6s, giving us DIY video producers even more reason to get less sleep and create a whole hose of new video content! We’ll be raising quality of our video productions, thanks to the iPhone 6s and you can do the same by attending our next DIY Video Workshop!

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